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Why you should have a Portfolio if you work in Social Media

Posted by Carla Boyd on Monday, June 29, 2015 Under: Social Media Career Advice

Originally posted on Digital Gurus blog and featured on WeRSM.

Having a portfolio has become norm in the creative industry, however it’s not just designers and photographers who can benefit from having one. Recently, we were asked whether Social Media professionals should have a portfolio. Our answer? Yes!

What is a social media portfolio?

When thinking “portfolio”, most people think of visual work. However, a portfolio is simply “a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person’s ability to a potential employer”. Social media is a creative field and there are many ways a portfolio can really help you show off your skills.

Do I need to have a social media portfolio?

While it’s not strictly a matter of NEEDING to have a portfolio, it’s a great advantage over other social media professionals who don’t. It will make you more memorable over other candidates and give you an edge as you’ll be able to show the work you’ve done, rather than just talking about it.

What should I include in my portfolio?

It’s up to you which of your work you feel is worth including in your portfolio. In general, we’d advice using one long piece of content as well as a variety of short social posts in order to show off your writing style and being able to adapt to different voices. Screen grabs will give it a more authentic feel. Any special social campaigns you have done are also worth including, and reports or analysis should be included too. Showing off the results of your work is just as important as showing examples of your work itself.

Note: Be sure not to include any confidential information.

How long should my portfolio be?

We advise to keep your portfolio to a maximum of 5 pages. Don’t make it too flashy. Keep it to a simple PDF file that gives a simple overview of your work samples.

What do I do with my portfolio once it’s done?

If you have a website, store it on there and put it on your LinkedIn profile. That way, you can send a link to your portfolio along with your CV and cover letter while you’re job hunting. As it’s bound to be a fairly big file, it’s worth not sending it as attachment. Once you get to interviewing stage, you should bring a printed out copy to the interview with you.
Overall, you can’t go wrong by having a social media portfolio, whether you’re looking for a new job or not! It will give you credibility as a social media professional and help you stand out from the competition!


Work in Social Media? Do you have a portfolio?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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