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The Peacock & Gamble Podcast - [Day 5]

Posted by Carla Boyd on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Under: 100 Happy Days
I'm tired to the point of my eyes tearing up but I'm determined to not miss a day of the #100HappyDays challenge! But today will be a short one...

I had a thought about what made me happy today and I realised there is one thing that has continuously brought a smile to my face for years now. First, the Ray Peacock podcast, and then the Peacock and Gamble podcast! While neither podcasts are still being made, I have been listening to them over and over again these past few years and they never fail to make me laugh. 

To those of you who have never heard of Ray Peacock or Ed Gamble, they are 2 talented comedians/actors who I will wholeheartedly recommend you see in the near future! Ray Peacock has been in multiple TV shows such as Skins and Doctor Who and he has been the warm up act for many other TV programms. Ed is his friend. (*This is a joke you would get if you listened to the podcast*). The artist, formerly known as "Big Fat Ed Gamble" is now all skinny and [more] handsome and stars in Almost Royal, which has been on E4/Channel 4 for the past few months! 

I genuinely love these 2! They have helped me and one of my best friends through some pretty tough/dark times. Watch their shows, go see them live, listen to the podcast (still available on iTunes!) and generally spread the love! 

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