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Posted by Carla Boyd on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Under: Music-related blogs
As I begin, let me say that I'm afraid. Seems to me that all these things could go either way.
I suppose I could fold up into my self, quite safe, and wait for these pieces to fall into place.
But not today.
The most recent realisation that I'm about to join the "grown-up" world now that I'm officially done being a student has made me rather nostalgic lately. And while I've been looking back at the last 23 years, it struck me just how lucky I have been.

I've had the chance to travel to many different places, live in multiple countries, and most importantly, meet some incredibly amazing people! However briefly, I have had the pleasure to meet vast amounts of lovely, supportive people in my life so far and it seems that they always come along at the exact time I needed them. From the brief 'virtual' encounters with people on the internet that helped me through some tough times 7 years ago; to the brief 'real life' meetings with people who taught me something in the short time they were around; to those amazing human beings I have the pleasure of calling my family and friends - this blog is for you! Chances are if you are reading this, you have affected me in some way at some point down the line, and I want to thank you!  

I know I've been lucky. I've not had the easiest life but I definitely didn't have the hardest either! I've had a lot of support from family, friends, and sometimes even strangers over the years and I've never been told that I can't do something. Now it's time to start a new chapter and while part of me wants to hide in a hole, I know what I need to do is attack life, grab it by its horns, and write this next chapter for myself. And I know I can do it, because I'm never alone. ^_^

"Thank you my friend for taking my hand, walking with me all the way. I hope and I pray that one day, I will do for you the same..."       


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