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It's the little things... - [Day 4]

Posted by Carla Boyd on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Under: 100 Happy Days
Tuesdays are genuinely my least favourite day of the week. Monday tends to go by rather quickly due to catching up with the weekend, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is almost Friday, and, well, Friday is almost the weekend. Tuesday, however, is that awkward day in between. 

So today, it was a bit more difficult to think of a moment that made me happy. Of course there was one, and if I thought about it more thoroughly, there was probably multiple. However, I've picked one for the purpose of my #100HappyDays.

Here's a picture of myself, Kirsty, and Owen having a few minutes of relaxing on the couch at the office during our lunch break while watching cheesy daytime TV. Sometimes, it's really the little things that make your day that little bit better. 

Now I'm off to bed but I shall leave you with a bit of Bobby McFerrin:

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