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Why you should have a Portfolio if you work in Social Media

Posted by Carla Boyd on Monday, June 29, 2015, In : Social Media Career Advice 

Originally posted on Digital Gurus blog and featured on WeRSM.

Having a portfolio has become norm in the creative industry, however it’s not just designers and photographers who can benefit from having one. Recently, we were asked whether Social Media professionals should have a portfolio. Our answer? Yes!

What is a social media portfolio?

When thinking “portfolio”, most people think of visual work. However, a portfolio is simply “a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate ...
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Where has the year gone?

Posted by Carla Boyd on Monday, June 29, 2015,
So it's almost July. Half the year is over. An absolutely crazy fact that stuns me! 

I've been very busy at work and even more so in my private life but I hate the fact that I've not been posting to my blog. That's why I decided to share the blogs I've written in a professional capacity. They're also posted on my LinkedIn

The upcoming blogs were written on behalf of my company (Digital Gurus) as guest blogs that were featured on a website called WeRSM. Hope you find them useful! :) 
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